Cloud Starter I

Cloud Starter plan includes...

Custom Website
15 pages


Includes all the basics essentials needed for the small medical clinic to advertise its patient services, images, directions and map, hours of operation, contact page, careers form and more.

Cloud Explorer II

Cloud Explorer plan includes...

25 pages


Most Popular! If you're a medical professional, this package is recommended.

Cloud Superstar III

Cloud Superstar plan includes...

Unlimited Pages
Merchant Account
Social Media Management
Directory Submission
Cloud Access
Paid Advertising


A good solution for a medical group that needs a lot more.


Cloud10 delivers WordPress development services to the healthcare industry. Our focus is on providing WordPress design, hosting, marketing and analytics to medical professionals in healthcare occupations. Our proven WordPress sites will automate tasks and simplify your workflows with easy to learn plugins that allow scheduling, billing, claim tracking and more. We want your medical business model to run smoothly, while progressively scaling your business up.

Become your own website administrator!

WordPress is a powerful environment to use if you want to be your own website administrator. It's known as a CMS system, which basically means that any small business owner can become an independent administrator when it comes to maintaining and developing their own company website. Yes, you can do it on your own! And that's what Cloud10 will do for your medical practice, whether you're the owner of a small clinic, manager, or even receptionist at the front desk, our custom designed CMS sites will put you in complete charge of development.


Because you are your own boss, there's no need to pay a developer any fees. Developers can sometimes charge as much as $1,000 every month for performance services in development, maintenance and SEO. Cloud10 will set you up with the ability to perform all these services yourself, saving you money. Indeed, you'll quickly learn and understand the tools and plugins that are easily accessible within the dashboard. And if you're a little apprehensive about the learning curve, Cloud10 is committed to your success for as long as it takes to get you on a roll.

Lifelong Tech Support

There might be times when you feel a little "stuck" and don't know what to do. In these cases, there's no need to worry because Cloud10 is here for the long run when it comes to assisting you with the technical aspects of your medical WordPress website. We offer FREE technical support for LIFE when it comes to assisting you with things that are just a little too tricky for you to handle on your own.

Do it on your own, or hire us..

A medical website should work hard for your medical business, providing your administrative staff the functionality they need for everyday operations. However, the everyday routine of a medical business can get hectic at times, and not give much room for maintaining a digital network.

Yes, Cloud10 understands that you might prefer to have someone else maintain and develop your digital presence for you. And that's alright, because whether you desire to do it on your own, or hire Cloud10 to do it for you, we have options for that too. We will maintain and develop your digital presence for you at a cost that's affordable to you. Which basically means we will tailor fit a payment plan that fits well within your budget.

All-In-One Solution

Cloud10 is an all-in-one digital solution freeing up your staff to attend the working needs of your medical practice. As a medical business owner, you might not have the time to create and maintain a digital network. Cloud10 will do exactly that, allowing you time to do what's more important - interacting one-on-one with your patients.


Hospitals and medical clinics have been mandated to replace their outdated systems to include electronic health records (EHRs), a digital format of paper medical records. Cloud10 wants to help your medical business adjust to the transformation mandated by HITECH and enforced by ARRA in recent years by providing physicians, nurses, technicians and administrative personnel a reliable cloud solution. We want to enable you with the ability to access medical records whenever needed.


Taking care of your business means having a way to clearly view the data you've worked so hard to protect. Your business needs a method in which to monitor aspects of security, performance and errors, and what better method to have than software that offers simplicity and automation? Cloud10 will assist you with the software tools needed for the following:

Tools - Basic tools are used to perform some non-routine management tasks. They vary in functionality, and are all easily accessible.
Visualization - Visual plugins will show colorful charts, graphs, pictograms, and infographics on your website. Visualization makes it easier for you to "see" your data.
Analytics - Monitoring a website through metrics channels will show information in statistical form and reveal performance levels and needed corrections.

Altogether, visualization helps to configure and protect your medical data on a higher level.

Helping Businesses Since 2007

We've helped hundreds of businesses to keep up with trends in technology. Since 2007, we've helped businesses in almost every state in the U.S., as well as two countries, and we can help your business too. Cloud10 offers a long list of services for businesses of various medical industries. Feel free to get in touch with a Cloud10 developer by calling us during our regular business hours, or use our contact form anytime.

Explore the possibilities with Cloud10 today!..

Maintenance Services

Our present-day world is an expensive place to operate a business, and running a small medical business is definitely no exception, as you will need reliable and affordable IT maintenance services. In order to keep your medical operations moving forward, your medical website must meet the basic needs of your every-day business affairs with no problems or added expenses.

Cloud10 wants to simplify your daily operations by implementing a simplified, easy-to-understand support plan. Our enterprise-level, all-inclusive program covers all facets of website services and is specifically designed to effectively fit into your medical business model.

Graphic Design

In some ways, the graphics of a medical layout are the same as other ordinary websites. But in other ways, there are graphic aspects of the medical field that will require a developer to design a medical website to look like no other website, especially if it's a website representing a unique medical business like yours. The design must work well to blend appropriate aesthetics with accessible functionality, and of course, your medical brand.

Regardless whether you're a new business or already established in your local area, we can help with graphics. If you have questions concerning the visual aspects of medical design, contact us today to schedule a consultation call. We'll be happy to discuss with you the graphic development and implementation of your new website, including your logo, layout, images, print and marketing materials. We'll work with you until we come up with an overall layout that meets your exact visual requirements.

Job Form

The people you hire must be reliable and willing to take on the responsibility of looking after your business as if it were their own. If you're medical business is in an up-swing and in need of new personnel, we will install a job form in your new Wordpress website. A job form, or careers form, (call it whatever you want) will ask for basic information concerning the applicant's qualifications and verify it to make sure all form fields are filled out.

IT Consulting

Our consultation approach goes beyond what you might expect, as we never charge for consultation no matter how long the session lasts. We know that some clients in particular desire to have a higher level of understanding for the details of their cloud plan. So we take the time to explain the details in both developing and executing the IT strategy that we have planned for them. We want to translate their unique business concepts into digital results that can be easily read and understood. Cloud10 has years of experience in web-based IT solutions that work to solve and overcome the size and scope of any challenge.


More than just designing your website and providing access to information, we want to partner with you by providing you with our options of networking solutions. We aim to include you as a "legitimate" and "longterm" partner, which means working with you in a constructive way that "directly" benefits both of us.

When the word network is used in the action sense - networking - it becomes a dynamic word that expresses something far-reaching and powerful. Yes, it's energized with a new meaning. This is especially true since the advent of the free Internet, as networking is now the word used as the denominator representing the total population of unified professionals.

Cloud10considers networking to be synonymous with a bright future. We also consider the opportunity to connect with you as a privilege. Indeed, the possibilities of networking are powerful when people come together to join forces for a common cause. In the IT field, those possibilities are endless, as people and entities work together side-by-side in an office, or by joining together in social networking groups and working remotely.


During the consultation process, we want to communicate with you as far as what we plan on doing for you in the early stages. Moreover, we want to communicate with you during the design stages as well. It is for this reason that we have made it our direct intention to start the education process early on so that you'll have an overall understanding of the entire process Yes, we want you to be acutely aware of how we can be beneficial to your medical business in the long run.

Your project starts today!..

Call us now and we'll get started the same day. Most medical websites can be completed in no later than 10 days, some much sooner. We love web design, so we know you are going to love your website once it's complete. We also love to talk, and that's why we offer free advice and consultation, no matter how small or large the scope of your project is, we are here to help.



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