Analytics Reports For Clients

"It's easy to track how well a medical website is performing by simply installing analytics code. It's a simple copy/paste function that only takes a few minutes, and after one day, your account will provide a comprehensive report that displays graphs, charts, stats and more. And it's all FREE!"

As a preferred client, we want you to feel confident that we are working hard for you. To summarize everything we plan to provide you as far as performance, we will supply you with the following:

Medical Website Analytics

The best way to get started is with Google Analytics. Properly installed GA code will produce a comprehensive report that shows details about how a medical website is performing. Reports can be customized into a simple layout so that only preferred statistics are visible. Analytics reports are provided monthly for clients through their clients account pages. Free consultation is provided on request for a one-on-one visual analysis through a video-conference session.

Once analytics are installed, your Webmaster Tools account can be verified and then registered for further insights.

Google Ads Performance Grader to Grade Your PPC

Once we've established your AdWords campaign, we'll use WordStream's AdWords Performance Grader to monitor your progress. The Performance Grader is a comprehensive tool that helps us evaluate how your AdWords pay-per-click campaigns are performing in important areas. It helps us monitor your campaign by giving us an expert analysis point of view and shows us where and how to make improvements to your campaign.

Work Reports

Cloud10 will keep in touch with you on a consistent basis, and we'll also provide you with monthly work reports on all work performed. These work reports will include line-item reports that are compiled into one complete report and posted to your client accounts page on the first of every month. Each work report will be a complete list of work performed for each month of the year.

Status Report

We'll supply you with a status report showing how your website and social media presence rates with search engines, social media and the W3C. Status reports probably won't change that often, but when significant changes do occur, you'll be notified right after your status has changed. Status reports can also be supplied as often as you like upon request.

Direct Consultation

We'll show you all work performed through detailed descriptions and explanations. For example, when we submit your NAP to business directories, we'll supply your with the URL's and show you how we use your NAP to formulate effective citations of your business. We will also discuss with you why this is important. Direct consultation involves much more than this, as this is just one example of what we will discuss with you on a monthly basis.

Education Through Verbal Communication

Cloud10 wants you to understand exactly what we're doing to establish your online presence. For this reason, we will contact you from time to time and consult with you for the purpose of educating you through verbal communication. We will contact you via phone or video-conferencing, so if you have questions, just "ask away," because we love talking about this stuff!

You're probably already aware of the foot traffic through the front door on your medical business. And most likely you're also aware of how patients and customers are interacting with your staff. But what about potential customers online? Are they able to find your website easily? How aware are you when it comes to analyzing your websites' performance? Cloud10 wants to help your business succeed, and we'll do it through a complete plan that is sure to give you confidence that your online presence is well-established.

What every health professional needs to know about website metrics..

Cloud10 wants to make performance statistics for your medical website easy to read and understand. We'll format it in such a way that you can look at ALL your monthly reports and easily understand and interpret the metrics. Graphs, charts and statistics will be logically presented in a way that is broken down into categories such as visitations, time on site, site speed, errors, appearance, security, geo-location and more.



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