Medical Cloud Services

Cloud Services For The Healthcare Industry

Today's new healthcare facilities need secure and efficient software applications to run their medical businesses. The medical professionals that waited too long during the cloud upswing are now finding themselves in a position where catching up involves upgrading, migrating, or perhaps completely "replacing" outdated software programs that are no longer supported. Ideally, medical cloud services will involve only a seamless "migration" that can take place without temporarily closing the doors of a medical business.

Helping Practices Adopt Electronic Medical Records

AWS simplifies each step of the migration process, reducing the effort and complexity involved by using automation and data-driven guidance. This aids in accelerating migrations.

Prior to the introduction of the HITECH Act in 2008, only about 10 percent of hospitals had adopted EHRs. In order to advance healthcare, more hospitals, doctors offices and clinics had to be encouraged to use EHR's for improved efficiency, coordination, and to make it easier for health information to be shared between entities.

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) was allotted a budget of $25 billion to, in part, fund the Meaningful Use program, a program that incentivized care providers to adopt certified EHRs by offering monetary incentives.

By 2014, over 60% of office-based physicians had adopted electronic medical records. Paper records are quickly becoming less of a burden in the healthcare system as care providers are now searching to find the best medical software for their practice.

The Meaningful Use program offers significant subsidies should providers adopt electronic medical records and meet a set of standards set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

That's why the adoption of cloud services for healthcare is growing fast. Cloud10 wants to offer healthcare facilities the ability to lean away from their regular expenses for more savings, while increasing boosting productivity, efficiency, and ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Run your internal business system in the Cloud

A hosted cloud computing service can be used to leverage your entire office operation, reducing expenses and streamlining your patient records. With a scalable cloud plan, you can effectively run your internal business system on your own, thus giving you the confidence of knowing that you have control from your location. This covers a wide range of services, from simple documentation management to complex web applications. You'll never need to worry about maintenance, energy consumption or storage space, and all are consolidated into one single account.

"Cloud10 services will transform the way your healthcare organization operates!"



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