Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic health records (EHR) are digital files that are created in luei of a patient's paper records. EHRs enable doctors to access patient information instantly and securely through secure networks, cloud-based locatons or local hosts. EHR software contains the basic medical information of patients, but also go beyond the standard data collected in the office for a much more comprehensive view of a patient's care and diagnosis.

Real-Time EHR Plugin

Our real-time medical EHR plugin displays medical data into your Wordpress website, enabling you to view and use graphs, regular charts, pie charts, polar charts and reports from your location. Get summary objects for a patient's records along with daily reports. The best in medical healthcare software to monitor health records in real time.

Additional Plugins

A well-run medical office is essential to the success of any practice. Administrative professionals provide the administrative support necessary to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality of care and service. For health clinic and related websites, WP plugins extend the CMS system to allow for the addition of other clinic related features, including appointment forms, career forms, patient feedback, and payment gateways.

Accounts Pages

A great way to get registered patients to stay in touch with you on a regular basis is to create personalized accounts pages for them. These pages are intended to give convenient access for patients who need information accessible to them anytime. This information can include appointment schedules, invoices, new services, articles, and other specific information at the patients request. Each patient accounts page can be customized to display a personalized profile for each patient according to their preferences and special needs. Password protection will protect low-level sensitive information from the public.

For information on the roles and responsibilities of a medical assistant, visit www.medassistantedu.org»



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